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A dedication to finding what makes content tick. And Tock.


Entertainment is as old as mankind. For thousands of years, humans have sought audiences large and small. As mankind evolved, so did the creation and delivery of entertainment.

Here at Vault, we believe we’re entering a new era of entertainment. Deep learning and neural networks open up new possibilities. Both finance and media companies stand to benefit from new age predictive analytics.

Our Values

Artificial intelligence requires passion, creativity but most of all imagination.
We believe that ambitious imaginations, steeped in systematic financial and business strategies, create technological superior return opportunities and increased market visibility for our partners.

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Our Focus

We focus on how an audience will look, behave, react, recommend, and buy across multiple entertainment verticals.

“The essence of strategy is choosing what not to do.”

Executive Team

David Stiff


Ziv Ayalon


Nir Tzachar

Chief Scientist

Ariel Vromen

Managing Partner